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Privacy Policy

General Info 


In the Privacy Policy, there are the key definitions, including: 

These terms and definitions in the Privacy Policy are considered precisely as described and made clear in the Regulation document, which is open for reading at this link. 

What kind of data do we ask from users?

The website may require data that is likely to be helpful in the future. This includes the information for making transactions and simplifying the use of the website. 

The data for identifying the user’s person incorporates the data that the User mentions, uses, and shows willingly when using the Services at The site can store and use this data to meet the needs stated in the Privacy Policy, such as to provide additional Services to users or notify them about the new functions of the website.

We may also use a few tracking instruments (like Google Analytics) to check the website’s productivity. Using these tools helps us know more about the User’s performance and identify how convenient it is to use the site. 

The data gathered with the help of such services include: 

How do we collect data from Users?

The data is gathered through the web pages you visit on the website, actions you take on the web, and the specific Services you use. The collection of data works like other websites: we store the data automatically through e-applications, and you can check it on our website. For example, we might register your name given by the Internet provider you are using to get our Services. 

In what way do we gather users’ data? 

Do we use cookies? 

User rights 

As the website User, you have the following rights:

To create any messages called to change your private data use, make them up in a written form and send to using the contacts stated in the Privacy Policy document (which include the address to send the message by post or e-mail). Please attach your ID document or complete identification online when sending the text message. This will help you if the message isn’t sent directly by you (or in your presence) and will let us identify your personality without using documents. 

As the User of the Services, you are also eligible to require the website to delete your private data from the website. Our team will answer this demand fully and introduce the legal reason when your right cannot be applied in the given situation. It also guarantees to explain how your request can be exercised if any other way is feasible. 

When the User asks for the deletion of personal information, guarantees to remove the personal data immediately. Below, you can see how the cases of data deletion are described in the Privacy Policy: 

The User can have information about the limitations of concerning the User’s data in any of the following cases: 

After gets such a request from the User, it provides an answer and takes action according to it. The website might also refuse to take action and explain the reasons for this inactivity about the User’s request. The maximum period allowed for the Website to explain these reasons is 30 days from receiving the message. Still, if there is a need, this period can be extended to 2 full months depending on the situation’s complexity and the number of requests. In this case, in 30 days since gets the request, the Website informs the User about the extension of this term and the cause. has the right to refuse to check such requests if they need the website to check this information:

More About never provides Personal Data about any of its Users to third parties to let them advertise their products or services to these Users

We can send your Personal Data to third parties, which are our partners in these cases: 

In case that shares your Personal Data as required for a legal process, it guarantees to inform you about this so that you have a chance to change the case (by addressing the court) if it is not prohibited or if this action doesn’t harm other people. Our service doesn’t reveal information about other users to violate the law or individuals’ rights. The exception is some third parties that provide technical services such as server hosting for our Website; in these cases, our partners have the right to use the Personal Data of Users. 

Gathering & Changing Clients Personal Info 

We intend to store the Personal Data provided by our clients properly, including all the updates for this information. 

The User is encouraged to check, change, or bring significant updates to their Personal Data. The User can demand the deletion of their Personal Data that is incorrect, not complete, illegal, or processed in such a way that the law is broken. 

Online Security: How Do We Protect Your Data? 


If a User doesn’t consent to follow the Privacy Policy, the User is obliged to stop using the website If there are ney problems with, the content it publishes, or the terms and conditions of the service, the only effective way to stop it is to quit using 

The Website keeps its right to refuse the User to access and use the Website without informing the User if the company has a reason to consider such use of law dangerous for other Users or interests of our company or third parties, or if considers such laws as those threatening to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.  

Can this policy be changed? can keep its right to substitute the points in the Privacy Policy when it is thought necessary. We kindly request that you verify if there are any changes on this website page. When the changes in the Privacy Policy are made, we expect that you agree to follow the renewed Policy. The Personal Data gathered before the changes were introduced to the Privacy Policy will be processed in compliance with all relevant regulations when the data is collected. 


Other Conditions 

With the terms and conditions mentioned in the Privacy Policy, we don’t establish any rules without notifying third parties. may introduce to its Users the Privacy Policy translated to other languages. The User consent that all the versions are equally convenient and contain their rules and rights. If any translated version does not coincide in content with the English one, priority is given to the English version. 

How to Get In Contact 

In case if the actions of violate the Privacy Policy and you would like to ask a question or make a complaint about the platform or formulate a request for additional information on the provided Services, please, use the following contact: e-mail address